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Frequently asked questions

How often does the choir perform?

It varies. We perform a gala concert in May, and we try to plan a tour or visit each year, but otherwise it's quite flexible. We usually end up performing around half a dozen times in the year as a full choir, plus a number of less formal performances by Epsom Singers.

Does the choir perform from memory?

Yes, whenever possible, partly because we find it produces the best, most entertaining and most highly polished performances, and partly to maintain a long-standing male voice choir tradition. Exceptions are of course made for new members.


Is there an audition?

No. EMVC is a community choir and aims to welcome all men. The sole requirements are a willingness to learn and to attend rehearsals. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, but those with severe sight loss or hearing impairment, or with limited english language comprehension may have needs that the choir will struggle to accommodate - please contact us to discuss.

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